Notable Startups

Danish Startup Group is supporting a selection of notable startups within the Danish startup scene. The following companies are excellent in their way of doing business and deserves our recognition. Read more about them below.

3D Printhuset

3D Printhuset is Denmark's and the Nordic region's leading supplier of 3D print and scan technology. With large showrooms and offices in the center of Copenhagen and Aarhus, they want to spread the knowledge of the technology and possibilities. They are authorized resellers of printers and equipment from the world's leading 3D companies.

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Bybi consists of people with widely different social and professional backgrounds and living conditions. The different cultures and personalities meet in honey production, and in a desire to find a place in the community where they can contribute to a better and more spacious one of the kind. The honey production becomes the bridge between the Jensen family on Vesterbro and the freshly baked honeydew and our beekeeper Aref from Syria. Our local production and the daily interplay of bees, people and flowers help create a greener city that is a living of life.

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Cardlay provide front to end solutions for payment providers & banks. Cardlay want to improve businesses by digitalising commercial banking transactions while continuing to challenge the endless possibilities of business process automation and bringing transactions to life through machine learning and intelligent solutions.

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Female Invest

Female Invest encourages women to get involved in the world of investing and helps them navigate around in the investment jungle. They raise awareness through events, workshops and company visits. Through these happenings, participants will get an introduction to financial markets and different investment strategies.

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KUBO is an educational robot that teaches children to code from an early age, giving teachers and parents a way to instill this skill regardless of their coding experience. KUBO’s programming language, called #Tagtile, uses colored tiles to let children explore programming concepts in a tangible way, starting at the suggested age of three. By playing with KUBO, children learn 21st century skills.

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Litemotions is a video production company located in Copenhagen. They adapt with the needs of their clients and get the job done, no matter how crazy the idea is. They are passionate about providing the most up-to-date services in the video production industry, while always being cost-efficient.

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LOOW is a Danish clothing brand, specialized in making merino wool garments of the highest quality. Through vast knowledge, a personal approach and attention to detail, they aim to make the best products on the market. LOOW was founded in 2015 by Anders Lorentzen, a former Special Operation Forces operator, and conceived on his hands-on learnings through seven years in the unit.

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Nordic-China Startup Forum

Nordic-China Startup Forum is a non-profit, community-run grassroots movement by Nordic and Chinese students and entrepreneurs. Together with the Nordic Chinese startup communities, we arrange organic and recurring events in both regions, In order to lower barriers and increase accessibility between the Nordic and Chinese startup, student and innovation ecosystems. Their mission is to Inspire, Connect and Empower Nordic and Chinese entrepreneurs- and partnership. To enhance their capacity to enter and operate together in each other’s markets.

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True Gum

A natural chewing gum free from plastic, that’s vegan and biodegradable. From a converted warehouse in central Copenhagen, the True Gums are today hand-made by a small team of passionate chewing gum aficionados, who work with a non-compromising attitude to ensure top-notch quality in each individual piece of yummy gum.

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