Member benefits

Discounts and benefits

As a member of Danish Startup Group, you will get the following discounts and benefits from our partners and ecosystem friends. Just send us an email, and we will provide you with the details.

Membership – DSG Exclusive invitation and access to all our events, communities and promotion opportunities. Website
Web hosting – 12 months of free domain, explorer hosting, access to their webshop builder and much more. Website
Tickets – TechBBQ 30% discounts on all their TechBBQ tickets until sold out. Website
Consultation – Go Wombat Up to 3 hours free technical consultation within software and mobile app development Website
Business tools – Cuttles 50% discount on their startup subscription plan with pitch decks, templates and more. Website
Business tools – MakeMyStrategy 20% discount on their subscription plan for strategy and management software platform. Website
Business tools – Startup Central 35 % on their subscription to use all their available startup applications and tools. Website