Our highly valued supporters

Danish Startup Group is a non profit organisation supported by the excellent and highly valued companies below.

European Startup Network

ESN was established in September of 2016. They have since grown from a handful of national associations to covering almost all of Europe with more than 24 startup organizations in their network, plus countless partners with whom we work to complement internal expertise. ESN helps startups to scale, represent them to European policymakers, and connect them to corporates and investors, among other activities.

Startup Denmark

Startup Denmark is a visa scheme launched by the Danish Government to allow talented entrepreneurs to relocate and grow high-impact start-ups in Denmark.

You apply on the basis of your business plan, which is evaluated by an independent expert panel. If the panel approves your business plan, you are eligible to apply for a residence and work permit as a self-employed entrepreneur. The permit is granted for a period of up to two years with the possibility of extension for three years at a time. is one of the leading companies in Europe within the provision of domain names and sales of web hosting services – having more than 1,500,000 customers in 149 countries.

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Creative Business Cup

Creative Business Cup is the global initiative for entrepreneurship and innovation Creative Business Cup empowers entrepreneurs in the creative industries, connects them to investors and global markets and strengthens their innovative capabilities to the benefit of industry and society.

Their objectives: Supporting creative startups with business development and international market access. Improved access to finance through initiatives in investor readiness. Global networking with startups, investors, companies and governmental entities.


Students’ Business Relations, DSE, is a non-profit, non-political student driven organization at the Technical University of Denmark and Aalborg University, which means we reach out to the majority of engineering students in Denmark.

The purpose of DSE is to provide the opportunity for engineering students and companies to establish professional relationships. This is done through company presentations tailored for students in a specific field of engineering called Focus Nights, the career guide Pejling, and two yearly career fairs, DSE Fair Lyngby and DSE Fair Aalborg.

Leader For A Day

Leader for a day (LFAD) is an intensive travel within education, leadership and personal development.

In the future – and more than ever – we will need leaders who can unite and engage people in tasks, common goals and the purpose of the business. the highest grades or the perfect CV are not vitally important. Companies want leaders who are people too. The kind of leaders who ensure others’ wellbeing and great performance.

The Hub

The Hub is a free-of-charge community platform tailored to the needs of growth startups. The Hub gives an overview of the Danish and Nordic startup community by providing visibility to all Danish startups. Via the platform, startups can get assistance with their recruitment of talent, connection with investors and access best practice tools (e.g. employment contract, pitch deck).

Venture Cup Denmark

Venture Cup is a world-leading startup organization for university students based in Denmark. With chapters in Portugal, Iceland, China and Australia and more than 35 international partners (universities, incubators, accelerators), Venture Cup has a global network in which the mission is to identify and develop the talents and technology of tomorrow. Venture Cup is an association of all eight Danish universities and has grown to have Scandinavia’s largest mentor program for university students with more than 300 mentors.


Heyfunding are experts in the startup ecosystem. We act as the Single-Point-of-Entry platform, where we provide an overview of offers and match companies with relevant players. Our core focus is to help entrepreneurs, startups and growth companies to obtain the necessary funding.

Erhvervsjuridisk retshjælp

Erhvervsjuridisk retshjælp is an initiative that has started at the MSc (Law) study at Copenhagen Business School.

Their goal is to be able to contribute to creating better conditions for start-ups throughout Denmark through competent professional advice from the affiliated legal assistants who are all students at the end of their education.

Station – A Student & Innovation House

Student & Innovation House is an interdisciplinary platform, where students and student organisations from educational institutions in the Copenhagen area collaborate with civil society, business and research on initiatives that challenge and inspire society.

The house is a guiding community, which nurtures curiosity, collaboration and entrepreneurial mind-sets. The community is a breeding ground where existing initiatives grow and new ideas flourish. Student & Innovcation House is an incubator for change makers and an enabling playground for tomorrow’s citizens, colleagues, leaders, and decision makers; students are empowered to act as change agents for sustainability and social responsibility at their workplace, local community and beyond.

Startup Central

Startup central gives you alle the tools you need to begin your journey as an entrepreneur through a single membership. 

Here you can find templates, guides, accounting software, talk to coaches and much more. 

As a member of Danish Startup Group you will get a free 2 months trial at Startup Central (currently only available in Danish).


The think tank Frej has a vision that Food Denmark is becoming increasingly sustainable. As part of the young 'generation of sustainability', we engage consumers and food producers and everyone in between to create an increasingly sustainable Food Denmark through knowledge, dialogue and collaboration across the entire chain.

Sahara Sparks

Sahara Sparks' main aim is nurturing the current relations between Africa and the Nordic Region through their events for Nordic tech businesses that can be adopted in Africa. Nordic investors who want to invest in Africa and other stakeholders (innovators, intellects, tech enthusiasts, developing partners, entrepreneurs etc.) with interest in Africa.

Africa is a market of 1.2 billion people, with the increase of the middle class and youthful population. Africa creates opportunities for global businesses that are looking for fast growing sustainable markets.