Promising Danish startups

Here are some selected promising Danish startups in our network. Feel free to register your own startup to the list.


At Humarketing.Consulting, we work with humanized marketing, which is a way to increase a company's growth. We focus on building better customer relationships through memorable, relatable, easy-to-understand, and unique marketing. In response to the world's events and crises in the recent years, consumers have changed their buying behavior, which makes it more difficult for companies to sell their products/services unless they focus more on the human side of doing business. Consumers care more about their experience when interacting with a brand than ever before. Therefore, a humanized marketing approach shows existing and potential customers that a company cares and will go to great lengths to provide solutions and support to them. Humanizing a brand helps to build a community of loyal customers and secure sustainable business growth. We won't promise anything we can't deliver, and we won't sell you anything you don't need. We take a holistic approach to your and your company's needs and we focus on your urgent and most important needs. Humarketing makes a difference for you and your business - regardless of whether you want more time, scaling, positioning, economic growth, increased sales or more customers. With us, you get a screening of your company's condition, and together with you we spot the solutions, options and changes that bring you closer to your dreams, goals and visions.
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Ladybox is your monthly self-pampering box. Their boxes contains lots of delicious surprises in care, makeup, accessories, snacks and other lifestyle products. With Ladybox you can discover new trends and try products within a wide range of categories.
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LalaToys gives you access to the toys you want, for as long as you want, and exchange it when it's no longer fun to something new on subscription. Their goal is to make the consumption of toys more sustainable, while still being beneficial for customers. No more toy clutter and no more money wasted on toys that lose interest after a short time.
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MÆT fresh dog food is made from real meat and healthy vegetables, easily cooked by sous vide. Their delicious meals contain everything your dog needs without preservatives.
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A Danish PropTech-startup in Copenhagen and offers a platform to help both portfolio and property owners as well as advisors, administrators and board members in cooperative/owned housing associations with an intuitive and digital overview of property data within operation, maintenance and energy optimization.
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Tempty Foods

A Danish food innovation company creating the next generation alternatives to tofu and meat based on mycoprotein. Their first product, TEMPTY, is already available in foodservice in Denmark.
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BAKOBA is a Danish construction toy startup. The startup was founded by 3 playful and creative founders who wanted to improve playtime for children all over the world. BAKOBA creates foam based building blocks with endless possibilities for creative creations. The toy improve motor skills and imagination of kids.
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Bybi honey is produced with care in small batches, so that the unique taste of each individual district and season is preserved. It contains neither pesticides nor pollution from the air – only pure honey from one of the world's most beautiful cities! Bybi has 25 bee farms located on roofs all over Copenhagen. You may have come across them in the Botanical Garden, Carlsberg or on the roof of the Town Hall if you have been there.
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True Gum

A natural chewing gum free from plastic, that’s vegan and biodegradable. True Gums are hand-made by a small team of passionate chewing gum aficionados, who work with a non-compromising attitude to ensure top-notch quality in each individual piece of yummy gum.
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