Promising Danish startups

Here are some selected promising Danish startups. Feel free to register your startup to the list.

Tempty Foods

The founders met in a food innovation course at DTU in February 2021 with different backgrounds but the same ambition. An ambition to work with sustainable and innovative foods to make a positive impact within our food system that needs a change. They quickly matched around the concept of using alternative protein, mycelium, to develop foods of the future and alternatives to meat.
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Phaeton Nordics

a Danish film production and distribution startup with commercial, fiction, and documentary films in our catalogue. As one of the only film company in Northern Europe, Phaeton Nordics has film festival distribution and sales services as well, giving a festival strategy and sales both for short, feature and documentary filmmakers in the international film venue. Their aim is a business and creative exchange between international and Nordic filmmakers and companies.
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Clutch Cognition

Plant-powered health and productivity in a can! Clutch was created by a doctor, a molecular biologist, and a nutritionist with a vision to make the world healthier and smarter. Using modern science and carefully selected plant extracts, Clutch is a beverage that offers ONLY healthy ingredients, and according to clinical evidence can make you more productive during your day.
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BAKOBA is a Danish construction toy startup. The startup was founded by 3 playful and creative founders who wanted to improve playtime for children all over the world. BAKOBA creates foam based building blocks with endless possibilities for creative creations. The toy improve motor skills and imagination of kids.
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MakeMyStrategy is a danish Saas and KaaS tool based on more than 20 years of experience, acknowledged strategic theories, and the principles from the book “Strategy in winning companies” written by the authors Jørgen Lægaard and Mikael Vest. The book is used to educate in college and is based on experience from about 600 strategic processes. MakeMyStrategy has as business goals the Sustainable Development Goals and works for equal access, improved access to resources as well as strengthened technological opportunities – all within the strategy.
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Beyond Coffee

When you make coffee, you use only about 0.2% of the coffee's nutrients; namely, the aroma the boiling water absorbs to become coffee. The rest, the 99.8%, turns into coffee grounds which are thrown in the bin. It's a waste of resources. Instead of throwing out coffee grounds, Beyond Coffee collects it. We use it to grow delicious mushrooms. Mushrooms love coffee grounds. We only collect organic coffee grounds, as our farm is 100% organic.
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Bybi consists of people with widely different social and professional backgrounds and living conditions. The different cultures and personalities meet in honey production, and in a desire to find a place in the community where they can contribute to a better and more spacious one of the kind. Our local production and the daily interplay of bees, people and flowers help create a greener city that is a living of life.
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Academondo is a new innovative platform that connects you with the ecosystem within life science, Health- and food- tech. By focusing solely on these industries, Academondo has created a universe that is tailored towards helping biotech companies towards key value infliction points.
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CareerMentor is a Danish platform matching mentors and mentees through professional matchmaking based on skills, background and goals. Mentors get to share their knowledge, build network and give back on a platform that qualifies potential mentees reducing the risk of misusing their time and trust. Mentees gets valuable sparring and advice from an experienced person that are not their boss or close colleague.
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