Culinary Action from Basque meets Danish Food Startups

Basque Culinary Center organizes an annual international competition for startups that revolutionize the future of gastronomy and the Danish Startup Group had the honor of hosting this year’s stop in Copenhagen.

Basque Culinary Center is the first Gastronomy university in the world and is located in San Sebastian, a town in the northern part of Spain. The region has a strong culinary development with the highest number of Michelin-star restaurants in the world. So, the Spanish Government decided it was the best opportunity to develop the first gastronomy University in the world and Basque Culinary Centre was established in 2009. It supports food development through education, research, and entrepreneurship.

Basque Culinary Centre in San Sebastian

Culinary Action is the department of Basque Culinary Centre that provides support for entrepreneurship through startup incubators, training, and connecting with other culinary initiatives around the world. As a result, Culinary Action is now organizing the third edition of “On the Road” which is an international competition for startups that develop innovations for the world of gastronomy. This includes startups developing solutions in Agritech, Food Science, Consumer Tech, Supply Chain, Delivery, or Restaurant Tech. “On the Road” has 6 stops in different cities across the world and the winner of each stop will participate in the final in San Sebastian on March 2024.

The program of the 3rd edition of “On the Road”

We just had this year’s stop in Copenhagen on November 10th and the Danish Startup Group helped host it in the beautiful building of the Danish Chamber of Commerce, Dansk Erhverv. This year’s participants were:

  • Matr Foods is a Danish startup that uses fungi to develop a new plant-based meat alternative.

  • Økoskabet is a Danish startup that developed a CO2-friendly way to deliver food from organic farms directly to consumers.

  • Royal Nyborg Smokehouse where an experienced Danish chef produces dry aged cold smoked salmon that comes from the most sustainable salmon farms.

  • SOUS is a Dutch startup that develops a sustainable solution for high-end restaurants to deliver meals to customers.

  • Enjaii is a Danish startup that produces innovative drinks with unique flavors and uses organic ingredients.

The winning team was Økoskabet for its innovative and already successful solution to connect organic farmers directly with consumers. This startup is going to participate in the final of the competition in San Sebastian in March 2024 among winners from the other five stops.

Marc Seerup Hansen presenting the winning Økoskabet startup on November 10th.

It was an amazing adventure for the Danish Startup Group to organize and participate in this event.

For further information about the initiatives of Basque Culinary Center or if you would like support for your project in gastronomy, you should check the website:


Author by: Nicolae Mariuta, Journalist, Danish Startup Group (DSG)





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