Intermediary could be the first step for expanding your business to Norway

This Outsourcing and Offshoring consultancy startup is developing a platform to simplify and digitize registering a business in Norway from EU countries.

Intermediary AS was founded by Morten Ims who has great experience in logistics and transportation and is ambitious to connect Norwegian and Danish Entrepreneurship ecosystems. He recognized that it can be quite difficult for an EU company to expand its operation in Norway due to the currently existing bureaucracy and lack of digitization for this process. Morten started his company in 2020, but due to covid19 pandemic, it had some tough challenges that brought useful learnings. This resulted in the Intermediary idea, a concept that has been developed and tested with real customers from Denmark.


Intermediary AS is very well prepared to help you expand your business to Norway


To open a business across countries in Norway the process of getting a Norwegian personal security number and company organization number is complex. Intermediary has automated these steps in their company registration platform that has just launched at The service is going to make it as simple as just filling out some forms and waiting for approval. The procedure makes sure the registration is processed adequately in cooperation with an accounting partner who has been part of the development journey. The platform will allow you to expand your business to Norway in two different technology paths: by either opening a Branch or a Limited Company. The startup is also prepared to provide consultancy services and guides to help foreign business owners and entities get the best start doing a new market entry into Norway.

Intermediary AS is also ambitious about creating a good impact in society through implementing an ethical code of conduct and developing a website that is CO2-neutral. On top of these, Intermediary provides a cloud-based solution that reduces your need to travel to Norway to attempt to open a business. As a result, it provides a great contribution to ESG 17 Partnerships for the Goals. The startup already received recognition from the Norwegian government which is also working on making it easier for foreign entrepreneurs to expand their business to Norway. The platform is launching initially by allowing Danish companies to expand to Norway. Many local businesses recognize this service’s usefulness and are looking forward to using it.


Intermediary already received recognition from Danish companies and the Norwegian government


Intermediary AS long-term vision is to unite Europe through automated company registration processes across countries in the EU/ESA region. Morten sees the urgency of helping companies with market expansion within the inner market. “The geopolitical situation is changing fast in the world, but at the end of the day it comes to government digital maturity, willingness, and human and venture capital to achieve these goals”, says Morten.

Maybe you should check their website, whether you are planning to expand your business to Norway or follow this ambitious startup:


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Author by: Nicolae Mariuta, Journalist, Danish Startup Group (DSG)

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