LifeBonder is the app that would boost your social life

LifeBonder is a social media app that is going to help users to communicate but also to meet for various activities and develop friendships.

The startup was founded by Jesper Simonsen, who has a Master’s Degree in Philosophy but got passionate about developing software early in his career. He started thinking about this project 2 years ago and after 1 year, he managed to build an ambitious team of developers that are volunteering to make LifeBonder a reality.


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The current social media apps have their benefits, but they have also created a massive wave of loneliness, especially among young people. So, the LifeBonder team analyzed this issue and decided to take the challenge to create a platform that helps people communicate but also develop meaningful and authentic friendships. This could help solve a lot of mental health issues in our modern society and the startup came up with a few innovative ideas to achieve this goal. First of all, the platform will focus on matching users with common interests and getting them to meet and engage in real-life activities. Secondly, the users will be able to rate each other through mana points that would allow anyone to build trust within the community that is part of. On top of these, it will rely on subscriptions and that would enable avoiding the negative consequences that come with relying on advertising.


LifeBonder encourages you to engage in local activities


Even though the startup is early stage and engaged in a challenging environment, its approach already got some recognition from the startup environment in Denmark.


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LifeBonder is currently preparing a crowdfunding and is going to release the first prototype in just a couple of weeks. Maybe you should check their website to track the progress of this ambitious startup:


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Author by: Nicolae Mariuta, Journalist, Danish Startup Group (DSG)



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