Republikken can create a large range of amazing products!

The workshop has a very talented team equipped with a large range of machines including 3D printers and laser cutters. It can take any idea and craft the right product!

Republikken Create was founded in December 2020 by Emil and Claus. Both with great experience in helping companies with product development. Despite that being a rough time for everyone, the company had good success so far and scaled already from 2 to 7 employees.

The startup is located in DoItDesign coworking space, where Claus found some laser cutters and 3d printers that were not used. In fact, Republikken produced most of the decorations at DoItDesign:

The key feature of the startup is the way they use the Agile process! The aim is to speed up the process of taking an idea, designing, prototyping, and then producing the item. And the team is equipped to create pretty much any item you can imagine using wood or plastic. For example, I saw how they even make silicon molds for cooking fancy dishes at restaurants.

Republikken also makes a good contribution to the sustainability challenges that we face nowadays! The team uses very efficiently any piece of wood they have. And makes sure every single piece of plastic is either cut or melted so it can be used to make a product.

Maybe you could also use some awesome crafts for your business or hobby:

Author by: Nicolae Mariuta, Journalist, Danish Startup Group (DSG)

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