Rune is confident that Clutch Cognition is the perfect drink for the brain!

After working for 4 years to find the right mixture of plants, Rune Rønhave Laursen already got Salling Group knocking on his door and won a few prizes!

As a molecular biologist, and with 10 experience working for companies like Arla, Rune decided it was time to challenge the status quo when it comes to energy drinks! His background offered him a very good understanding of the side effects of popular energy drinks. As he proposed his ambition, Rune got right away support from his wife who is a doctor, and other people around him.

Rune didn’t just go with the most popular ingredients! He spent 4 years experimenting with different natural ingredients until he found the right formula using sage, sunfiber, palatinose, and other interesting ingredients!

Since I am also very curious to try different plants and the product is recommended for gaming, I already bought 3 cans of Clutch Cognition! After trying one of them, I can say it tastes and feels good. I will certainly consider it as part of my periods where I take a break from caffeine!

The Key to it is that it provides a milder energy increase for a longer period of time. Rather than a big spike followed by the crush you get from popular energy drinks.

Even though it is an early-stage product, Clutch Cognition already got a deal with Salling Group to get the drinks sold at Føtex Food and Q8. And won a few important prizes! Give it a try or see more on: Clutch Cognition also has good deals in selling drinks to businesses and the startup already has many clients in that field. Maybe, your employees could also benefit from it!

Author by: Nicolae Mariuta, Journalist, Danish Startup Group (DSG)

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