Talent Garden is a unique coworking space that can help anyone succeed in digital space

This European company has a chain of campuses that helps startups, corporations, and even the unemployed to succeed in the digital ecosystem


Talent Garden started in Italy in 2011, Milano with the idea of creating a coworking network for innovators and a tech ecosystem that also provides digital education. This unique and forward-thinking mindset helped the company expand to 8 countries in Europe with 18 campuses. TalentGarden provides 3 main types of services.


Talent Garden office space on the Copenhagen campus


First of all, it is the coworking space which also provides event spaces and conference rooms. The campus in Copenhagen has a central location and provides a great feeling of being cozy and still a professional environment. TalentGarden provides a large range of options for offices and whether you are a freelancer, a small team, or a well-established company, you will find an option that fits your needs. Being part of Talent Garden will allow you to connect with a large range of entrepreneurs, academics, and potential employees through hosted events, conferences, or Friday bars.

Secondly, TalentGarden has an Innovation School that provides Digital Skills courses focused on UX design, Project Management, and Digital Marketing. The campus in Copenhagen provides these courses in cooperation with Københavns Erhvervsakademi (KEA). If you are unemployed, you can get the course funded by Jobcentre. Talent Garden is also very focused on helping you start a career in the topic that is taught through a mix of online and physical courses, networking events, and discussions with people who have a career working with those digital skills. The courses also involve working on an actual project that you can add to your portfolio when you graduate. Completing a course awards a certified Academic Profession Degree 10 ETCS diploma that you can easily add to your LinkedIn profile.


Students and organizers of Digital Skills courses


Thirdly, Talent Garden also provides support for corporate transformation. With a wide range of workshops and training programs focused on helping employees progress in the constantly evolving digital space.

For further information, you should check their website, whether you are looking for a new office, learn some new skills, or access some of their community services: https://talentgarden.org/en/


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Author by:Nicolae Mariuta, Journalist, Danish Startup Group (DSG)

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