uQualio makes quality education available to the whole world

uQualio is an online learning platform that anyone can use to create video eLearning courses.

The startup was founded in 2017 by Hatla Færch Johnsen(CEO) and Christian Bjerre Nielsen(CPO) who shared a dream of realizing the potentially huge benefits that online learning could bring to the way people access education. Hatla has a background in business, psychology, and communication, and Chrisitan is an engineer who specializes in developing software systems. They combined their skills to create, develop, and improve a business solution that is both affordable and scalable. As a result, the uQualio platform has received several awards in recognition of its simple, user-friendly platform with a rich feature set.


The founders of uQualio: Hatla Færch Johnsen(CEO) and Christian Bjerre Nielsen(CPO)


uQualio is a bootstrapped startup and despite having a small team, it is impressive how great the platform is developed. The user interface is well-designed and includes an intuitive Course Management menu that gives administrators the tools to upload instruction videos, use AI to generate content or add links to videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. Also, longer content can be edited into shorter lessons with the built-in editing tool, plus quizzes, final tests, and rewards for learners can also be added with a few simple clicks.


Course Management is intuitive to use and offers a large range of tools.


On top of these, uQualio makes it easy to target different individuals or groups with content specific to their needs by using its powerful Directory Customization tool to create channels with different courses.

uQualio is a SaaS (Software as a Service) web app that is optimized to work on all devices. So, you can create or access a course from a tablet or mobile phone by using the web browser. As a white-label solution, you can brand content and publish content on your website rather than being hosted on a platform like Udemy or Coursera. Giving companies a tool to directly train employees, partners, and clients.

The platform is already used by a range of companies globally. For example, Fujifilm uses uQualio to make IT solutions training courses for their international sales partners and agents. Also, uQualio grants NPOs free access to the platform, which makes a strong contribution to ESG 4 Quality Education initiative.


Awarded by EU Business News

One more interesting fact about uQualio is that the startup is located in Veksø, about 20km from Copenhagen, where the team rented a farmhouse and turned it into an office. The team also has international employees that work remotely. A local story of a successful setup!

Maybe you should check their website and consider making an online course to support your projects: https://uqualio.com/


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Author by: Nicolae Mariuta, Journalist, Danish Startup Group (DSG)


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